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Track your scores

Keep a track of your scores in real time. Our mobile site gives you the opportunity to ditch the paper scorecard and use your phone to track your scores. Not only do we give you information about the hole you’re playing, but provide you with your record to date on this hole too.

Analyse your performance

Admit it, you love stats. We all do really. Now that our geeky little secret is out in the open you can use Kaddie to see all manner of stats about your recent performances. Wouldn’t you want to know that you par the 14th 60% of the time? To be honest, we’d be happy with a bogey once in a while.

Compete with your mates

Settle the debate once and for all. With Kaddie you will be able to prove to your friends that you are better than them. And who doesn't want that? We provide you with enough stats that at least one of them will show why you own them. Did you fluke a birdie at the 6th? Bet your mate didn't.