Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Handikap?

Your Handikap is calculated using the exact same process as a regular handicap, however, as a handicap can only be formally provided by a golf course through playing in Medal competitions, and we recalculate your handikap after every round, we wanted to distinguish between the two

If you are a golf club member with a formal handicap, then it may well be that your handicap and handikap differ as you perform differently in Medal and regular rounds

It should be noted that your handikap is an informal guide to roughly what handicap you are playing to, and should not be considered a formal handicap

What is Front 9 and Back 9

Many 9 hole courses are now providing 2 different tee off points over their 9 holes. This means that while the 1st and 10th hole are pretty much the same, this alternate teeing position means that there are subtle differences

It may be as simple as adding a number of yards to the length of the hole, perhaps it brings a bunker into play that wasn't otherwise

In our opinion this makes it a different hole, and so the front 9 and the back 9 if you play this course as an 18 are different

The reason for splitting it this way, and not merely making it 18 seperate holes, is that some people will choose to play only 9 holes